Removing Virgin Hair Lace Wigs

In one of the earlier blogs, we had discussed the method of application of Virgin hair lace wigs. Equally important is their proper removal so as to avoid any damage to the natural hair, hairline, scalp and forehead, and also to be able to reuse the wig. Brush a little solvent under the front of the wig and wait for a couple of minutes before peeling it back gently. Cut out the hair which has grown onto or attached itself onto the Virgin hair lace wig, using a clipper. Continuously brush the solvent at the line of attachment so as to gradually break the bond and separate the wig from the scalp. After the wig is removed fully, wipe the scalp clean to remove the solvent and the adhesive residue. Apply solvent liberally onto the scalp and allow it to soak in for about a minute. Then, wipe off the adhesive residues using a cloth or a sponge. Similarly, soak in the solvent into the base of the Virgin hair lace wig and clean it with soap and water and wipe with a cloth to remove all traces of adhesive. The lace on these wigs is very delicate and needs to be replaced often. Keep it clean and do not stretch it too much in order to make the wig last longer.

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