Removing And Storing A Human Hair Weave

A human hair weave looks magnificent and does wonders to your appearance. But when you wish to try a new hairstyle or let your natural hair show, the human hair weave has to be removed. Here are a few tips to remove the human hair weave at home, without resorting to the heavy costs involved in a visit to a salon. First, coat the entire scalp, natural hair and human hair weave with oil, from the roots to the tip of the human hair weave. Gently massage the scalp till the human hair weave comes out on its own. Untangle it gently from the natural hair and remove it softly. Then, shampoo and condition the natural hair in order to get rid of glue and other styling products applied with the human hair weave. This will cleanse the natural hair. Use a comb to remove traces of these additives. When you comb the hair after removing the human hair weave, comb it in the reverse direction (from the tips to the roots), to avoid the hair from getting pulled out and shedding. Lastly, shampoo and condition the human hair weave, blow-dry it, comb it gently and store it on a hanger or hair wig, away from sunlight and moisture. The human hair weave should be stored in a cool, dry place so that it is ready for use when you want it the next time. Remember to remove all traces of moisture from the human hair weave before storing it – moisture results in the growth of fungi and mold in the human hair weave. The next time you don this infected human hair weave, there is an imminent danger of this infection spreading to your natural hair and scalp.


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