Removal Of Machine Weft Extensions

Machine weft extensions are an easy and quick method of altering your hair-style by adding wefts with the help of a machine for an instant image makeover. Machine weft extensions can be used over a weekend or for a holiday. When you wish to return to your normal hairstyle, this look needs to be removed. The first thing to do in order to discard the machine weft extensions is to ensure you use the exact same crimping tool or pliers which were used to applying them. Wash the machine weft extensions and the hair and dry them. Part the dried hair so that the weft stands fully exposed and can be seen clearly. If any natural hair is blocking your way, you may have to clip it away. Try to avoid clipping too many of the natural hair strands, but removing some strands may become unavoidable. Feel the micro link at the root of the machine weft extension with your fingers, determine the direction in which the link was flattened, hold it and squeeze the link in the reverse direction with the crimping tool or pliers. The link will pop open, allowing the weft to slide away smoothly. The wefts can then be stored in a cool, dry place for future use. Machine weft extensions need to be aired occasionally when stored, to avoid them from catching mold.

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