Removal And Storage Of Wigs

Wigs should not only be applied properly, but equal care has to be taken while removing them. Proper application results in the wigs being indistinguishable from natural hair and also a longer lifespan. Proper removal of the wefts ensures no damage to the natural hair, its roots, the hairline, the forehead and the scalp. Further, if the wigs are removed properly, they can be stored and reused at a later date. For removal of wigs, a little solvent should be brushed under the front of the hair weaves, near their joining line with the scalp. Wait for a couple of minutes for the solvent to seep in properly before gently peeling the wig.

Natural hair, which sheds as a natural process, is bound to get attached to the wigs. This hair should be cut away. When the wigs are being removed, brush solvent at the attachment line whenever you face any resistance during the peeling process. This breaks the bond and separates the wig from the scalp. After removing the extension system, apply the solvent onto the scalp and allow it to soak for about a minute. Then, clean the scalp thoroughly with a sponge or a cloth to remove solvent and adhesive residues.  The wigs can also be soaked in the solvent after removal, so that traces of adhesive in the wigs can be wiped away.

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