Removal And Storage Of Virgin Hair Lace Wigs For Reuse

While precautions have to be taken for wearing a virgin hair lace wig, removing it properly is equally important. The removal should be done in a way that there is minimum damage to the natural hair, hairline, scalp and forehead. Also, since new virgin Remy hair lace wigs cost money, the existing one should be removed in such a way that it can be reused. To remove the virgin  lace wig, first use a little solvent and brush it below the wig.

Wait for the solvent to act on the glue holding the wig and to break the bonds, before peeling the virgin hair lace wig back gently. Trim away hair strands which may have attached themselves onto the insides of the Indian Remy virgin hair lace wig. As you keep peeling the Indian virgin Remy hair lace wig, keep applying the solvent onto the attached areas so that the bonds are gradually broken and the wig separates effortlessly. After removing the virgin lace wig, apply some solvent onto the natural hair, leave it for some time and then clean away the natural hair to remove all traces of adhesive and solvent from it.

If you do not have time for a complete wash, the solvent and adhesive residues can also be removed by wiping the natural hair with a sponge or cloth. Do the same for the virgin Remy hair lace wig – apply solvent on its insides and either wash or sponge it to remove the adhesives and solvent. Store the virgin hair lace wig in a clean, dry place, ready for future use. Since the lace is delicate, it may need to be replaced the next time you wear the Indian virgin hair lace wig.

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