Reasons For The Predominance Of Brazilian Hair Extensions In The Fashion Industry

Brazilian hair extensions are offered at a premium compared to hair extensions made from hair of other origins. Brazilian Virgin hair, Brazilian Remy hair, Brazilian Virgin Remy hair, Brazilian Curly hair, Brazilian hair weaves and Brazilian body wave weaves or Brazilian straight weaves are all more expensive compared to their African, Caucausian, Mongoloid or Asian counter-parts. Brazilian hair extensions have an in-built waviness, which imparts them flexibility in styling and shaping. Brazilian hair extensions can be worn in curls, waves or straight, with equal ease. Brazilian hair extensions are also preferred by hair stylists since they blend very well with natural hair and can also be subjected to dyeing in a range of colors. Further, they are long-lasting and can be made to match the natural hair of almost all origins. Brazilian hair extensions adapt very well to the use of styling equipment such as hair dryers and flat irons due to their higher follicle density, which reduces permanent damage to these hair extensions even with the use of heated equipment. This has resulted in the widespread use of Brazilian hair extensions in the fashion and beauty industry.

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