Properly Attaching Virgin Hair Lace Wigs To The Scalp

A virgin hair lace wig has to be properly attached to the scalp so that it looks natural and also to avoid slippage and unfortunate accidents. Adhesives and glues hold much better if the underlying surface is plane and free of serrations and crevices. For this, the attachment line should first be cleaned of all dirt, dust and oil. The hair strands should also be braided away from the attachment line. A stocking cap is a good way to provide a plane surface for the virgin hair lace wig.

The lace of the virgin Remy hair lace wig should be trimmed to make it look natural. All the cuts and edges of the lace should be made to look naturally curved. After the surface is clean and ready to accept the virgin hair lace wig, a thin crust of glue should be applied and allowed to dry naturally. Then, align the virgin hair lace wig with the base of the hairline and attach it to the glue line.

Adjust it properly before adding pressure on it so that it attaches firmly to the adhesive. Once the Brazilian virgin hair lace wig is bonded with the scalp, it will be difficult to adjust it. The time taken for the virgin hair lace wig to attach itself and the glue to dry thoroughly depends on the condition of the scalp, skin and natural hair, and the ambient humidity and temperature.

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