Problems Faced In The Use Of Brazilian Remy Hair

Over time, Brazilian Remy hair has come to mean a particular quality of hair used for extensions rather than just indicating the origin of the hair. When a customer asks for Brazilian Remy hair extensions, it is indicative of the behavior, nature, look and quality. It means that the customer is demanding hair extensions which will behave like Brazilian hair weaves in terms of their application, maintenance and looks.

Since Brazilian Remy hair is difficult to obtain and make, not too many companies sell it. As a result, they try to pass off non-genuine hair as Brazilian virgin Remy hair. When customers suffer by getting cheap imitations, they begin blaming genuine Brazilian virgin hair for the problems faced. Hence, it is always better and safer to buy Brazilian virgin hair extensions from reputed suppliers to ensure their genuineness. The area from the roots to the middle of the shaft is the strongest part of the hair.

When the roots and the ends are bundled, the hair becomes stronger and thicker. Even though Brazilian Remy hair feels and looks more natural, it is exposed since almost all its length is composed of the mid-shaft to ends of the original hair. Though it does not need chemical processing, the hair has to undergo dyeing and bleaching. Hence, the most common problem with Brazilian Remy hair is dry ends, breakage and frizz.

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