Preventing Hair From Falling Out Due To Tight Hair Extensions Styles

Indian hair extensions are also used by clients who wish to conceal a thinning hairline, apart from those who only try them on to accentuate their looks. However, in case of improper style of wearing the Indian hair extensions, they may not only cause loss of natural hair due to shedding, but also make it prone to health problems. Of course, good quality Indian hair extensions and hair care products are important in maintaining the health of the extensions and the natural hair; but, apart from this, proper installation and a fitting hair style are equally important.

If you are often being subjected to thinning edges due to wearing Indian hair extensions, the cause may not be the quality of the extensions or the fact that you are wearing them – it could be due to too severe braiding resulting in strand tension, weakened shafts and disrupted follicles. This results in baldness due to hair breakage. In case you wish to wear tight buns, it is advisable to alternate between tight and loose hair styles in order to relieve the hair from being subjected to continuous stress. Alternately, the pulled back Indian hair extensions can be either loosened a bit or replaced with special hair extensions which have a naturally pulled back look – they don’t need to be worn in a pulled-back style.

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