Preventing Damage To Your Indian Hair Extensions

Most Indian hair extensions are soft, smooth and silky when you buy them. Your fingers slide through the strands when you are selecting the Indian hair extension you wish to buy. However, a few days down the line, you find the hair rough, tousled and lacking lustre and shine. Here, we list a few things which should be avoided so as to prolong the life of your Indian hair extensions. The number one culprit for your Indian hair extensions losing their sheen is pollution. While there is not too much you can do about ambient air pollution, simple steps such as avoiding smokes and fumes, and taking proper after-care in case the hair extension has been exposed help contain the effects of pollution. Further, in trying to maintain the original style of the Indian hair extensions, quite a few clients avoid washing or cleaning them. This makes the hair dirty and fragile, prone to shedding. The third factor is the exact opposite of the earlier one – too much cleansing, especially with harsh detergents and shampoos can also spoil your Indian hair extensions. The fourth is the use of incorrect tools on the hair – tools range from the simple comb to heat-styling irons. The combs and brushes used on Indian hair extensions should have sufficiently spaced teeth to avoid the hair getting pulled out. The styling temperature should be just right to prevent any lasting damage. From the above, it is obvious that apart from pollution, the other reasons for early damage to Indian hair extensions, all stem from ignorance.

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