Preventing Damage To Natural Hair Through A Severe Hairstyle

Most people who use Indian hair extensions do so to either conceal a thinning hairline or to get a chosen hairstyle. A lush hairline with glossy hair is achievable provided basic precautions are taken when selecting the hair style, hair products and handling of the hair and the Indian hair extensions. Apart from giving a preferred hairstyle, Indian hair extensions can also be used to take care of the hair during the transition period when your natural hair is growing into the required length, density, volume and shape. In case you are facing the problem of thinning edges, it may be time to re-examine your hairstyle. Too severe and tight braiding and tying creates tension, resulting in weakened shafts and disrupted follicles. This causes baldness and breakage in natural hair and a pulling out of the attachment areas in case of the Indian hair extensions. It is best to alternate tight and loose hair styles and give some breathing time to hair. If you do need to pull back your tresses, use special pulled back Indian hair extensions created for the purpose.

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