Preparing Brazilian Remy Hair For Hair Extensions

Brazilian Remy hair is hair collected from a single donor of Brazilian origin, with all its cuticles intact and pointing in the same direction. The operative parameters for the hair to be classified as Brazilian Remy hair are – the donor should be of Brazilian origin, the hair should be collected from a single donor, it should have all (or most of) its cuticles intact and the cuticles should point in the same direction (with a variance of not more than 5%). For this, the upper and lower ends of the hair should be intact. Since the cuticles are all in the same direction, Brazilian Remy hair is smooth and does not tangle easily. Though Brazilian Remy hair may not look as shiny or attractive initially as synthetic hair, it maintains its shine much longer after the synthetic hair has frizzed, dulled and dried out. To form Brazilian Remy hair extensions, the hair is first harvested and sorted according to size, after which it is untangled and cleaned. Preliminary shampooing and conditioning helps the hair to maintain its shine for longer. After the washed Brazilian Remy hair is dried, it is ready to be sold. If hair extensions are not made of Brazilian Remy hair, they tangle much faster due to the upper and lower ends getting mixed up often. One of the advantages of Brazilian Remy hair is that it can be made into any texture – curly, wavy or straight.

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