Precautions When Wearing Brazilian Virgin Hair Extensions

The very definition of Brazilian virgin hair implies that the hair is natural and is harvested from human donors. (Some virgin hair used for hair extensions can be animal hair also, but we deal only with human hair – we do not include animal hair in any of our hair extensions.) By corollary, this also means that whatever hair care regimen and products are good for natural hair will be equally effective for Brazilian virgin hair, and vice versa.

When selecting the products for taking care of your Brazilian virgin Remy hair extensions, you should be extra careful, because while natural hair has the advantage of getting nourishment, moisture and immunity through the scalp, the Brazilian hair is cut away from its feeding source and is totally dependent on extraneous sources – be it for grooming, maintenance or nourishment. Metallic or sharp-edged bristles, heavy waxes and alcoholic gels damage the hairline.

The sharp edges in the combs slice the Brazilian virgin Remy hair. A heavy wax can clog up hair and fray it at the edges. While a little alcohol is good for conditioning the hair, prolonged heavy usage kills the Brazilian virgin hair weaves. When Brazilian virgin hair is forced into hair styles which go against its natural grain, its lifespan is shortened. Similarly, the use of hot irons and curling tongs also reduces the useful life of Brazilian virgin hair extensions. The same goes for chemicals, whether used for styling, coloring or bleaching.

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