Precautions To Be Taken When Buying Indian Hair

Indian hair has gradually become a generic term to describe long, lush, straight or slightly wavy, black or brown hair. Originally the Indian Remy hair for sale in the hair extensions market meant that the hair was harvested from donors of Indian or South Asian origin. But now, when customers demand Indian hair extensions, what they are actually looking for is hair answering the above description. This kind of Indian virgin hair is for sale at most reputed salons and beauty parlors.

However, when opting for hair extensions, care should be taken to see that you are not being fobbed off with synthetic hair or human hair mixed with animal hair. Genuine hair for sale from reputed manufacturers is 100% human hair. Since there are no guidelines governing the sale of hair extensions, the reputation of the parlor and the supplier becomes paramount when buying these hair extensions. The hair extensions made from such hair behaves just like natural hair and does not require any special washing or treatment.

Unfortunately, since authentic hair product is expensive to identify, collect, store and manufacture, it is expensive. Unscrupulous manufacturers try to palm off synthetic look-alike and take customers for a ride. Synthetic hair may resemble Indian hair initially, but it has a very short lifespan and is not conducive to heat or chemical styling treatments. This duplication is one of the biggest problems in the market for Indian hair. Customers need to be extra careful when they see hair for sale.

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