Precautions In The Use Of Brazilian Curly Hair Extensions

Brazilian hair is mostly long and straight or wavy in texture. Brazilian curly hair is very rare. In fact, most Brazilian curly hair or curly-textured hair of Brazilian origin is processed hair, either before or after harvesting. Obviously, this means that the Brazilian curly wave is delicate and needs extra care if you wish that it continues to give useful service for its lifetime. While Brazilian curly hair may be formed as a result of a perm, they are still different from natural hair being subject to a chemical perm and formed into curls. Natural hair being formed into curls through a chemical process such as a perm, still maintain a link to the scalp, which continues to provide them sustenance and nourishment.

But Brazilian curly wave is cut away from its source of nourishment and moisture. Hence, they need time and money for their proper care. Brazilian curly hair is most prone to damage due to frizz and tangling, which causes the hair to become weak and break. Due to so many twists and turns, the fibers of Brazilian curly hair are exposed at a lot of places and the cuticles are also open. These points of exposure are most vulnerable, especially when the hair is being styled. Any extra force for styling the hair into a particular shape will result in hair breakage. Because of these reasons, Brazilian curly wave requires a lot of moisturizing. Also, it should never be straightened out.

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