Permed Hair Extensions

A perm is an abbreviation for “permanent wave”. The most ideal hair extensions for women with curly hair Indian remy hair extensions which are steam permed. An alternative to this is to buy normal hair extensions and to make the perms. It has a wave in the hair, made using chemicals which break the existing bonds in the hair and re-form them. The washed hair is then enfolded in special perm rods. A waving lotion is applied to act as a catalyst and begin the chemical reaction which ends up in softening the inner hair structure. The softened hair moulds around the perm rod’s shape. Perms soften the hair, add a look of volume, and impart bounce to hair, thus giving it a glamorous and posh look. Heat speeds up this process of waving, but care should be taken to avoid overheating. Perming takes over two hours and the perm settles down after one full day. It lasts for about a quarter to a half year.
Perming of hair extensions is similar to perming of natural hair. One thing to remember is that perms can be created only on natural human hair extensions, because synthetic hair is easily damaged by any kind of heat treatment.

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  1. If your hair to break only, it is not female hair loss. Female hair loss cuseas individual strands of hair in certain areas are thinner, providing less coverage of the scalp. It is a slow, gradual process. It sounds like the aggressive chemicals damages the hair shaft, causing the break but not really cause hair loss by the roots. The essential oil treatments can help to repair the damage.

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