Other Tips For “HEALTHY” Hair

Our previous blogs mentioned how physical health can accelerate hair growth. We wish you healthy and beautiful hair, just like our hair extensions. That is why we are adding some additional tips to help make your natural hair healthy. You have to keep in mind that hair extensions provide external beauty. For effective hair extensions, healthy underlying natural hair is most helpful. Do not brush your hair too often. Never, ever, use a bristled brush for brushing hair, since it will only end up tearing and damaging your hair. But brushes with boar bristles are good for hair as they promote well-being of hair by stimulating the scalp, cleaning the hair and distributing the natural oils given out by the scalp. This results in a healthy, shiny, lustrous look without damage or split ends. When hair is wet, it should not be brushed. Wet hair is elastic and breaks easily. Do not wash hair too many times since this may result in loss of beneficial oils from the scalp. Normal hair can be shampooed about twice or thrice a week. Excessive colouring sessions cause hair damage. Try natural dyes such as henna or indigo for colouring. Among synthetic colours, go for ones which offer moisturizing protection when dying. Use protective hair-styles such as ponytails, buns, cornrows, plaits, etc. when you are going to spend more time outdoors.

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