No Shortcuts To Robust Hair

While a natural hair-style is the best and most preferred, Brazilian hair extensions can be used to accentuate this natural look and complement your natural tresses. Because of their natural length and hair size, Brazilian hair extensions are mostly used to add length to the existing locks. Of late, a lot of products have started appearing on the counters of parlors and salons, which claim to accelerate the rate of growth of natural hair, thereby obviating the necessity of adding Brazilian hair extensions to supplement their length. Not only this, these oils and lotions also claim to make your hair smoother and shinier instantly. Caveat Emptor!!! (Buyer Beware!) – Such claims should be taken with a pinch of salt. While it is true that regular grooming, cleaning, moisturizing and nourishing will result in making natural hair longer, stronger, smoother and shinier, there are rarely any shortcuts or instant magic wands which can achieve this. Some of these generic oils and greases result in a colossal waste of money, if you are lucky. As a worst case, they may end up spoiling the natural hair and hindering its growth by clogging the pores on the scalp. Hair growth oils claim to contain organic ingredients from exotic locations which aid hair growth. The fact is that hair grows at its own natural pace, which can be aided by regular head massages. To accessorize the hair or add instant volume, length, density or color, Brazilian hair extensions are the best means.

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