Natural Colors Available In Brazilian Hair Extensions

The most common colors available in Brazilian hair extensions are different shades of black and brown. Naturally occurring Brazilian hair extensions are seldom blonde in color, though chemically colored blonde Brazilian hair are also available in the market to take advantage of the natural strength, thickness and luster of Brazilian hair and mix it with the highly preferred blonde coloring.

There are various shades available in the primary colors of Brazilian hair weaves – these include jet black or natural black in black color, and natural brown, golden brown, medium brown, light brown, dark brown, chestnut and auburn in brown color. These are the most popular colors and shades for Brazilian hair extensions, since they make the hair extensions look natural.

Brazilian hair products of other colors and exotic shades are also available or can be custom ordered, but the hair extension color should be selected keeping the skin tone and natural hair color in mind. Those with light complexions should opt for light colored hair extensions and vice versa. Off black is a natural color and is a combination of black and brown colors and is the most suitable color in Brazilian extension systems which suits almost everyone.

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