Natural And Smoother Hand-Tie Wefts For The Best Hair Extensions Selected By You

As told in the earlier blog, the best hair extensions are human hair extensions. Even among human hair, those made from Brazilian and Indian hair are the best hair extensions. But, after you have selected and bought even the best hair extensions, improper application would take away from their efficacy and render them unworthy. For proper application of these hair extensions, one of the methods is getting a weft – either a hand-tie weft or machine weft extensions. In hand-tie wefts, bunches of these best hair extensions bought by you are sewn or tied together by hand, using weaving thread. Tying these wefts is tedious and time consuming, but the result is worth the pains taken. The wefts have a longer life and the hair extensions do not slip. Due to the effort involved, getting hand-tie wefts is expensive. An alternate is to get machine weft extensions. Hand-tie wefts are thin and blend in with the natural hair, making them look natural. Machine wefts are thicker compared to hand-tie wefts. When hand-tying the wefts, on reaching the end of the scalp, turn the track around and retrace on a parallel strip, instead of cutting the track and starting a new track. Cut the track and seal it with glue only after the entire application is completed. This will give longer lasting and stronger hair extensions. Do not cut hand-tie wefts from the top since this will cause them to unravel. Machine wefts have no such limitations. But, in general, machine weft extensions shed more than properly applied hand-tie wefts and hand-tie wefts look natural and smoother.

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