Moving From Short Hair To Long Hair

You have gone in for the short and smart hairstyle with a bob-cut and loved it. But, after a few days, you wish to go back to long, luxurious tresses – the Rapunzel look. However, the transition from short to long hair can be a bit of a drag. It is easy and fast to cut hair, but making them grow back is a time-consuming process, during which proper hair-care is a must, because human hair can only grow at a quarter to a half inch per month. In the initial stages, your hair might be so short that traditional weaving won’t work. At this time, the best option is going in for hair wigs. Wigs should be kept clean and shampooed and conditioned once every week.

Once the hair is long enough, you can begin adding hair extensions of about medium length, to give the impression that you grew the hair yourself. Simply apply the hair extensions applied and trim them to the right size. Don’t leave hair extensions in for too long so that your natural hair get sufficient “space” to grow, also ensure high-quality human hair for a natural look. When your tresses are about medium length, you may be tempted to do away with hair extensions, but you must realise that medium length hair are the toughest to style. It is better to go the whole hog and use external hair till such time as your locks are completely ready to be worn in a cascade naturally. This might take about a year.

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