Methods Of Application Of Brazilian Hair Extensions – I

Brazilian hair extensions are pre-tipped strands of hair taken from people of Brazilian or South American origin. Brazilian hair extensions are fixed to sections of your natural hair so as to impart volume, length or styling to your tresses in a simple, safe and comfortable manner. Brazilian hair extensions can be applied in a variety of ways including a Brazilian weave, as a hand-tie weft or as a machine weft extension, as braids or the Brazilian extensions can also be simply worn as wigs. While most of these methods are very common and can be easily done at a salon or beauty parlor (in fact, some of them can even be used at home), we discuss some of the specialized techniques for application of hair extensions here. One of the most lasting ways of applying Brazilian hair extensions is using a keratin bond. Keratin is a protein which is found in human nails or hair. Hence, when this is used as glue, it is readily acceptable to natural hair due to similarities in molecular structure. This results in stronger bonding without the resultant damage which artificial glues may cause. The strand end of the Brazilian hair extensions is softened before molding them to your natural hair.

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