Methods Of Application Of Brazilian Hair Extensions – II

We have dealt with the various Brazilian Hair Extensions techniques available for applying Brazilian hair extensions. The keratin bonding technique was discussed in greater detail. Here, we continue with our discussion on the Brazilian hair extensions application techniques. Another technique is through the use of technologically advanced micro cylinders, where a section of natural hair is mixed with a few strands of the Brazilian hair extensions and threaded through a cylinder. The cylinder is then closed to secure the Brazilian extensions to your hair. One of the main advantages of the micro cylinder method is that the Brazilian hair extensions can be reused for several applications because it does not result in any damage to their tips. As a result of this, this method is one of the most cost effective over the lifecycle of the hair extensions. Hand-tie wefts or machine weft extensions use advanced adhesive bonds applied in a sandwich technique, thereby evenly distributing the weight of the hair extensions over a larger area of natural hair. As a result, this method is best suited for people with fine or thinning hair, since the chances of damage to the natural hair are greatly reduced. This is the most recommended hair extension application method recommended for people with naturally fine hair or for those who have damaged hair or experience frequent hair loss.

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