Matching The Brazilian Hair Weave To Your Natural Hair

In order to be effective, Brazilian hair weaves should match the natural hair type they are being weaved into. Mismatched Brazilian hair weaves result in extensions which are so radically different from the natural hair that they are immediately noticeable. The simplest way to match the Brazilian hair weave with the natural hair is to match their texture – if the natural hair is wavy, get a wavy Brazilian hair weave done and so on. A matching texture gives considerable leeway in selecting the installation method, since the difference between the natural hair and the Brazilian hair weaves is minimized. This technique works for most commonly used external hair pieces. The next way to match the Brazilian hair weave with the natural hair is by ensuring that the texture of the Brazilian hair weave is not drastically different from the natural locks, by using closely related textures, like deep waves with loose curls, etc. This type of blending needs textures which are next to each other. Finally, the use of radically different textures can also be made to match provided a complete installation, such as a full-head Brazilian hair weave, is selected, to completely cover the natural hair. Partial hair weaves in such cases will result in a tiered look.

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