Making Sense Of The Clutter Of Classifications Within Indian Hair Extensions

Apart from their nativity, there are many other factors which influence the quality and characteristics of hair extensions. Hence, the term Indian hair extensions can at best be a broad classification of a particular type of hair extensions, in that these are cropped from Indian donors. This kind of hair has good weight, length, density, luster, strength and brilliance, and is flexible enough to be molded, if desired. These Indian hair extensions can then be further divided into a range of sub-categories. These sub-classifications of Indian hair extensions can be on the basis of their length, thickness, color, texture and so on. The list is almost infinite. What this means to a consumer of Indian hair extensions is that the choices when it comes to selection of the Indian hair extensions best suited to you, are mind-boggling. The best bet in such a scenario is to keep it simple and just get the basics right. Opt for Indian hair extensions which are made from truly human hair, and which are close to the natural color and texture of your natural hair and skin, so that they do not stand out too much. If you can afford it, go for Remy and/or Virgin Indian hair extensions. But, under no circumstances should you opt for synthetic hair, unless your budget is low and you want to wear the extensions for a very short period and then discard them.

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