Maintenance Of Hair Extensions

To ensure a long life for your hair extensions, here are a few simple maintenance tips. Hair extensions should be brush daily, if possible using a hair extension brush. The hair in the hair extensions should be thoroughly dried before they are brushed; the brushing being done with a downward motion, from the bottom of the hair extensions, working upwards. Hair extensions need a brief treatment once every fortnight and a more complete one every few weeks. Since hair extensions do not get their nourishment from the scalp, the treatment should focus on substituting this nourishment so that they can maintain their health and shine for longer. While applying treatment, avoid areas where the hair extensions are attached to the scalp. Do not rub shampoo through hair extensions since this may tangle the hair; apply the shampoo onto the scalp and allow it to run through. Use moisturizing detangling solution after washing hair extensions to allow the moisture to be retained in the hair. To avoid heat damage, extra precaution is recommended when blow-drying or styling hair extensions – the best option is to let hair extensions dry naturally, without any artificial means. In case hot styling tools are used, it is better to apply a heat protector prior to heat styling.

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