Maintenance Of Brazilian Hair Extensions

For a long life and great looks, proper maintenance of Brazilian hair extensions is a must. A good maintenance schedule includes a hair wash at least twice a week and more often in case of active events like exercising, excess sweating or swimming.  The Brazilian hair extensions can be washed with equal effectiveness using hot or cold water. But for conditioning, warm water is preferable. Also, the conditioner should be left in the Brazilian hair extensions for 2-3 minutes before it is rinsed out, for it to take effect. A pre-shampoo lotion and post-conditioning moisturizer and nourishing agents are optional. The Brazilian hair extensions should be thoroughly dried after a wash, but without subjecting them to vigorous rubbing. Even hot forced air drying should be avoided. Rather, they should be loosely tied up with a towel and left to dry naturally. Carry out a finger test to see if the Brazilian hair extensions have dried completely. Sleeping while wearing wet Brazilian hair extensions can cause tangling and matting in them and ruin them. The Brazilian hair extensions should be combed or brushed twice daily and especially after a wash.  The Brazilian hair extensions should be combed upwards, starting at the end, to prevent the hair from shedding.

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