Maintaining The Quality Of Our Indian Hair Extensions

All the hair for our Indian hair extensions is inspected for its texture, length of hair, body type, direction of the cuticle scales and overall health and is 100% hand-picked Remy human hair. Our quality experts examine the way the hair looks and feels in its raw form to pre-determine how it will respond to processes such as dyeing, blending or bleaching. The curative processes carried out on the hair are based on this analysis of each individual stock of hair. We take care not to include hair which has been chemically processed, stained or too thick, wiry, weak or fine. Thus, the best human hair is then processed bundle-wise into Indian hair extensions which pay attention to the most intricate details which help maintain its quality.

This thorough quality control mechanism helps us achieve the most premium quality Indian hair extensions to satisfy the demands of even the most discerning customers. The natural hair texture is maintained and the hair is dried naturally before processing. The texture is not chemically altered to meet the demand or suit the fashion. The curls, waves and straights in our Indian hair extensions are perfectly natural. The difference in cost for different styles does not indicate any difference in the quality of the hair. The cost difference is purely due to the difference in the amount of raw hair required to create each individual style.

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