Magic Hair Growth Oils – A Myth And Pestilence

The best look is the natural look – virgin hair extensions accentuate your natural look and complement it to make you look even more beautiful and admirable. However, of late, the beauty products market has been flooded with products which claim to make your hair grow faster, smoother, longer and more supple, thus eliminating the need for hair extensions. Some of these, like the generic oils and greases for hair growth, only result in a colossal waste of money. They, in fact, may end up spoiling the natural hair and hindering its growth by clogging the pores on the scalp, which carry nutrition to the hair. The premise is that if a product is claiming that it is too good to be true, chances are, IT IS! Hair growth oils claim to contain organic ingredients from exotic locations which aid hair growth. The fact is that hair grows at its own natural pace. This rate of growth can be aided by regular head massages using traditional oils. If you want to accessories your hair, the best way is only through the use of virgin hair extensions. Products from quacks only end up with the hair being further degenerated.

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