Luster Of Virgin Remy Brazilian Hair Versus Hair With No Cuticles

The cost of Brazilian hair extensions increases as you move up the scale from ordinary to Virgin and Remy Brazilian hair extensions. Given this fact, Virgin Remy Brazilian hair extensions, which are made from hair which is both Virgin and Remy, are the most expensive and command a substantial premium in the market. Clients who opt for Virgin Remy  hair extensions expect these to be of much better quality than other hair extensions due to this price difference. Unaware clients associate quality of hair extensions with their luster.

Because of this, they expect Virgin Remy Brazilian Remy hair extensions to be the shiniest and brightest among all. Unscrupulous manufacturers and professionals do nothing to discourage this mis-impression and continue to pass off non-Virgin non-Remy synthetic hair extensions as the real thing, pointing out the luster and shine in these. The fact is that it is hair without cuticles is shinier compared to that with cuticles.

This is because of the reflection of light on the hair. Since Virgin Remy Brazilian hair weaves has its cuticles intact, these cuticles overlap. Further, they may not be strictly all in the same direction, but are at slight angles of less than 5% to each other. The cumulative effect of the overlapping and angles formed by the cuticles is a scattering and diffusion of light rays which fall on the hair and are reflected off it. Since hair devoid of cuticles has a plane surface, the light is reflected just like a mirror, making the hair look shinier compared to Virgin Remy Brazilian hair extensions.

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