Length Of Hair Available In Brazilian Hair Extensions

Brazilian hair extensions are naturally long with straight or wavy textures. These are, therefore, preferred by clients with short hair who desire longer hair but do not have the patience or the genetic constitution for natural hair to grow. Since hair of Brazilian origin is naturally long, Brazilian hair extensions can be offered in any length from 10” to 24”. Straight Brazilian hair extensions are longer because they are laid flat when their length is gauged, while wavy ones are slightly shorter in length for the same volume of hair. Straight hair has the same length as it was when measured, while hair with wavy texture is 40 millimetres shorter than the straight hair. While selecting Brazilian hair extensions, remember that single drawn hair extensions have hair of differing lengths, since they are left to their natural lengths without trimming. Hence, it is better to go for slightly longer Brazilian hair extensions in this case since some cutting or trimming may be required. In case of double drawn Brazilian hair extensions, you can select the hair extensions of the exact length as required. Maintenance of longer Brazilian hair extensions can be tough for new users and is perfected with experience. Most online stores normally stock Brazilian hair extensions of up to 24” in length. Longer Brazilian hair extensions can be made and supplied for custom orders.

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