Introduction To Virgin Remy Brazilian Hair

Virgin Remy Brazilian hair extensions are one of the most expensive hair extensions available in the market. Let us see the individual components in the name Virgin Remy Brazilian hair. Virgin hair is hair which has not been chemically treated or colored and comes in its natural color and shade. Remy hair contains all its cuticles intact and running in the same direction – this type of hair is generally taken from a single donor. Since the cuticles are all unidirectional, the hair is smooth and does not tangle easily. Brazilian hair is hair which has been colleced from a donor of Brazilian or South American origin. Virgin Remy Brazilian hair is very desirable with subtle waves and lushness typical in people of this region. Virgin Remy Brazilian hair is collected from the donors and sorted according to the length of the strands. It is then combed softly to untangle it and then cleaned with a mild detergent and shampoo. Shampooing and conditioning the Virgin Remy Brazilian hair helps impart a longer life to the hair. After thorough drying, usually without any mechanical help, the Virgin Remy Brazilian hair is ready to be sold. Using Virgin Remy Brazilian hair to make hair weaves ensures that the weaves last longer without tangling. Virgin Remy Brazilian hair also imparts flexibility in texture so that the hair extensions can be made curly, wavy or straight.

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