Introduction To Indian Remy Hair

Basically, if the upper and lower ends of the hair are kept intact, with the cuticles running in the same direction, this type of hair is referred to as Remy hair. Since the cuticles are in the same direction, the hair is smooth and does not become tangled easily. Indian Remy hair has very desirable, subtle and gentle waves. Indians have a religious practice of shaving off the hair on their heads when they visit a temple. This is their way of surrendering their ego to God. Most Indian Remy hair comes from the hair that is offered during this head tonsuring. The tonsured Indian Remy hair is collected and sorted according to size, after which it is untangled and cleaned. The shampooing and conditioning helps the hair maintain its virgin state for longer periods. After thorough drying, the Indian Remy hair is ready to be sold. If the hair extensions or hair weaves are not made from Remy hair, they tangle much faster, since the upper and lower ends of the hair get mixed up. One of the advantages of Indian Remy hair is that it is flexible enough to be made into any texture – curly, wavy or straight.

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