Installing Wefted Virgin Hair Extensions

Wefted Virgin hair extensions are indistinguishable from the natural hair they are installed into. If the Wefted Virgin hair extensions are properly applied, you can flaunt your new gorgeous mane with grace. Wefted Virgin hair extensions can be straight, curly or wavy, and are so easy to apply that they can be done by you without the need for a professional hair stylist. First, select the skin weft of your choice. The simple accessories needed to install Wefted Virgin hair extensions are a comb, hair glue, a few hair clips and scissors. The Wefted Virgin hair extensions should be placed below the top-most layer of hair so that they are well concealed. You can begin the application of the Wefted Virgin hair extensions from any area of the scalp – it is entirely up to you. Apply the weft from the bottom upwards leaving out about an inch of the bottom hair near the scalp. Cut the weft to the right size and apply hair glue to it. Make sure that the glue line is consistent and along the hairline of the Wefted Virgin hair extensions. Place the glued side on the chosen part of the scalp. Repeat this procedure for each of the wefts. The number of wefts you wish to apply is up to you.

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