Indian Remy Hair Extensions Vs Synthetic Hair Extensions

A lot of re-sellers offer synthetic hair extensions claiming that they are made of Indian Remy hair. Obviously, these are offered at lesser prices compared to the original thing. Gullible buyers who think they are getting a good bargain often end up at the wrong end of the stick! The fact is synthetic hair extensions are just not comparable to genuine Indian Remy hair extensions. Because it is not so easily accessible, Indian Remy hair is seldom sold in normal beauty parlors and generic stores, since Indian Remy hair has its cuticles intact and has to be extracted from a single donor. Authentic Indian Remy hair extensions maintain their shine and luster for longer and do not tangle very easily. They can even last for over a year, thus more than making up for the high initial investment done in buying them. Since the Indian Remy hair is unprocessed and similar to natural hair, it can be washed, chemically processed and heat treated and styled just as natural hair. The synthetic fibers of similar hair extensions react adversely to natural grooming and become frizzy. For quality, long lasting and beautiful Indian Remy hair extensions, it is worth the expense to approach reputed stores to be sure of their genuineness.

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