Indian Remy Hair Extensions Do Not Cause Hair-Fall

With hair extensions made of Indian Remy hair, balding patches and thinning hair can be effectively hidden, especially if the Indian Remy hair extensions are of good quality. The flip side of extensions of good quality Indian Remy hair is that you may not be able to determine how fast or how slow your natural hair is shedding. Hair shedding or hair-fall is not directly related to the use of Indian Remy hair extensions. It is a secondary impact of various factors like lack of proper nutrition, genetic factors, infection, etc. Some loss of natural hair over time and age is natural. Hair loss of about 100 strands a day is normal and healthy. Just like nails or skin, hair follicles also shed old hair and grow new hair daily as a part of the body’s growth. In fact, good Indian Remy hair extensions form a protective cover over the natural hair. But what happens is that when users remove their Indian Remy hair extensions after using them for a few days, they notice a lot of strands of natural hair stuck onto the insides of the Indian Remy hair extensions and panic. You should realize that this represents a combined natural hair-fall of a few days and is not a result of using the Indian Remy hair extensions. The best way to find out whether your scalp is replenishing the hair lost due to shedding is by taking pictures of hair before using the Indian Remy hair extensions and comparing them to the hair after about 3 or 4 months.

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