Using Indian Remy Hair Extensions For Braids

Most Indian women wear their hair in braids; hence Indian Remy hair extensions are most conducive to braiding. Generally, braids suit people with long hair. If your natural hair is long enough, you can try braiding it, however, if you have short hair but want to go for braids, Indian Remy hair extensions could be an option for you. You can either go for braided Indian Remy hair extensions, which are available in a range of colors and lengths, or you could buy Indian Remy hair and braid them into your natural tresses. As discussed in some of our other blogs, human hair extensions are the best option when compared to synthetic hair extensions. This is true even when you wish to opt for braided hair extensions. After getting the Indian Remy hair extensions, you have to choose the best method to attach them to your hair and braid them. Before beginning to braid the Indian Remy hair extensions, select which kind of braiding you prefer. Indian Remy hair is preferable if you want to go for pre-curled and pre-colored braids since some types of synthetic hair are not suited to being braided. But even if you are opting for Indian Remy hair, avoid hair which is slippery since braids made using such hair are not durable.

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