Indian Remy Hair Extensions Available In The Market

Indian Remy hair is increasingly being used in the hair extension industry to enhance natural hair by imparting it additional length, desired colors, more gloss, greater bounce or an improved style. Indian Remy hair extensions are suggested for people with damaged natural hair, whether the damage is permanent or temporary. Indian Remy hair closely resembles natural human hair and can be applied using a wide variety of techniques. Since its cuticles are intact and point in the same direction, Indian Remy hair does not tangle or mat easily. It is as flexible as natural hair and can be styled and braided in any method which is used for natural hair. Typically, Indian Remy hair should not be glued onto the scalp, since this damages both the natural locks as well as the extensions. Clip-on is the simplest way of applying and removing Indian Remy hair extensions, but care should be taken to remove them when going to sleep. Fusion extensions use glue above the extensions and then the extensions are fixed at the roots. The most commonly available Indian Remy hair extensions are black and brown.

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