Indian Remy Hair – A Guarantee Of Quality

Indian Remy hair extensions are composed of hair collected from the scalp of just one donor, as opposed to other types of hair extensions, which contain a bunch of hair which may belong to multiple owners. The hair has all or most of the cuticles undestroyed and facing the same way. Indian Remy hair is harvested from the roots upwards and gathered in such a way that all the cuticles stay in one direction. The major advantage of Indian Remy virgin hair is its resistance to tangling. While normal hair is cut away, falls to the floor and is then picked up haphazardly, Indian Remy Virgin hair is cut and immediately collected and stored in a straight line with all the hair strands pointing in the same direction.

In the former case, since the hair gets spread out in all directions, even though its cuticles may be intact, they are not uniform in their direction; hence, such hair cannot be referred to as virgin hair. Since Indian Remy hair is cut and stored in a consistent direction, it is easier to process and style. Since Indian Remy hair is not prone to tangling, it has become a generic pointer to the quality and longevity of such hair extensions. The name is used to describe good quality hair which remains free from tangles.

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