Indian Hair Extensions To Cover Short Hair

All said and done, the main aim of every woman who opts for Indian hair extensions is adding length to her natural locks, without the Indian hair extensions becoming obviously visible. What happens is that either due to natural causes (baldness, hair-fall, infection, etc.) or artificial reasons (need to experiment, a new fashion or fad, etc.), you have to cut your natural hair sort. Then you either realize this short hairstyle does not suit you or has gone out of fashion, and you need long locks instantly. Natural hair cannot give this immediate result since it takes its own sweet time to grow to the desired length, at the rate of about half an inch every month. The next best option for you would be going in for Indian hair extensions to cover up your short hair till it grows back to the size required. For very short natural hair, traditional weaving may not work and you may initially have to go for hair wigs. Once the natural hair is long enough and strong enough to support the Indian hair extensions, you can begin by gradually adding medium length Indian hair extensions to avoid any drastic transformation, which may become immediately noticeable. Apply the Indian hair extensions and trim them to the right size. At this stage, you may need to frequently remove the Indian hair extensions so that the natural hair gets a chance to grow and its growth is not stunted by being covered by the Indian hair extensions. When the hair grows to about medium length, the Indian hair extensions can be installed into it. For the natural hair to grow to full length, the time taken can sometimes even exceed a full year.

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