Indian Hair Extensions For Damaged Natural Hair

Indian hair extensions are mostly used by clients either to improve a thinning hairline or to accentuate their hair-styles. Both a thick, lush hairline and a graceful hairstyle can be obtained and maintained using Indian hair extensions provided clients take some basic precautions including selection of a healthy hair style, good quality hair products and careful handling of the Indian human hair extensions. Indian hair extensions are used during the transition from spoilt natural hair to good hair. The reasons for the problem with the natural locks may be physiological (a bad hair-cut) or biological (disease, allergy).

Whatever be the cause, it should also be addressed before Indian hair products are applied. Nothing much can be done about a bad hair-cut, but a disease or infection should be cured first before the Indian virgin Remy hair are installed, since otherwise, it might be transferred to the extensions and spoil their look as well. The first step to stop thinning edges is to avoid severe or tight braiding and tying which creates tension, weakened shafts, disrupted follicles, breakage and baldness. If the tresses do have to be pulled back, either loosen them a bit or use special extension systems created for a pulled back look. It is best to vary hair styles by alternating tight with loose hairstyles.

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