Indian Hair Extensions Can Also Be Clipped On

Clipping on Indian hair extensions is increasingly being preferred as a faster and easier alternative to putting them on and removign them. Clipping on the Indian hair extensions does not cause any damage to the natural hair since the micro-clips used for attaching the Indian hair extensions are very small and do not cause any stress on the natural hair when they are being attached or detached. Indian hair extensions can be clipped on even at home, without having to visit a beauty parlor or a professional salon. As proficiency increases, the time and effort taken to clip on Indian hair extensions reduces. Irrespective of the hair texture of the Indian hair extensions selected by you, clip-in varieties are available in every style and color, and can be cleaned and groomed using normal everyday shampoos and conditioners, without the need for any special grooming or styling products. The only limitation to the use of clip-in Indian hair extensions is that they can tangle very easily and hence have to be taken off when going to bed to prevent them from tangling. On an average, clip-in Indian hair extensions last about 6 months before having to be replaced. The lifespan depends on the quality of hair, maintenance regimen and frequency of use.

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