Indian Hair Extensions – A Stopgap Between Short And Long Hair

For those who want an instant transformation from a short bob-cut to long, silken tresses, Indian hair extensions are a boon. Cutting the hair is the job of a few moments, but making them grow back requires time, effort and care, because human hair grows at the rate of about a quarter to a half inch a month. You may have to wait for ages for your natural hair to grow back to the desired length; but by adding a few strands of Indian hair extensions, you can get the desired length, style and color to your hair in minutes. Wigs are preferred as an option if your hair is so short that traditional weaving does not work. But once the hair is long enough, you can begin gradually adding Indian hair extensions of increasing lengths so as to avoid the impression that the hair is not natural. For this, you can buy the required number of Indian hair extensions, apply them and trim them to the required size. When your natural hair is in the growth stage avoid wearing the Indian hair extensions for longer time periods, so that the natural hair gets space to grow and is not choked off. You also need to ensure that the Indian hair extensions you buy are made from high-quality human hair, both for a natural look as well as to retain the health of your natural hair. Even after the hair grows to medium length, it is preferable to use Indian hair extensions for ease and flexibility of styling, till such time as the natural hair grows to its full length.

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