Impact Of Styling On The Natural Hair And Indian Hair Extensions

Contrary to popular misconception, the use of Indian hair extensions is not detrimental to the health and well-being or either your natural hair or your scalp. If anything, the Indian hair extensions can act as a layer over the natural hair, protecting it from the elements. Whether you use Indian hair products or not, it is the hair products and the hair care regimen which you follow, that most definitely impacts the longevity and health of the natural hair and the Indian hair weaves.

Metallic bristle combs and heavy waxes containing alcohol end up damaging the hair over the long term. The sharp ends of metallic bristles slice the hair. Similarly, alcohol is a good conditioner, but prolonged usage of heavy doses of alcohol kills the natural hair and the Indian hair extensions. Similarly, overuse of gels clogs and frays the Indian hair extensions and the natural hair, thus restricting the natural flow of nutrients to them. Forcing hair into a style which is against its natural grain shortens the life of the Indian hair extensions and kills the natural hair.

So, it is best to limit the use of styling tools and styling or coloring chemicals. Dyes, colors and bleaches also gradually end up killing the Indian hair and the natural hair. While in case of Indian hair extensions, it implies a reduction in lifespan, in case of natural hair, it can reduce the volume and shine of the hair if this damage occurs at a faster rate than the natural rate of growth and replacement of the hair.

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