Hygiene Factors In Brazilian Extensions

To prevent infection in Brazilian extensions, it is imperative that they are kept dry. Storing moist or damp Brazilian extensions can result in bacterial or fungal infections, which could then transfer to your natural hair and scalp when these infected extensions are worn. This infection can then penetrate even into the roots and wefts of the scalp. After a wash, clients do not focus on drying the Brazilian extensions as much as they care for natural hair. Since Brazilian extensions are, by definition, made from human hair (from donors of Brazilian origin), they are prone to the same susceptibility to infection as human hair. To avoid this, dry your Brazilian extensions thoroughly by separating them into individual sections, each section consisting of a few strands of hair, and drying them. This section-wise separation allows air circulation in every part of the Brazilian extensions, thus preventing them from bacteria, mould and fungi. After drying, the Brazilian extensions can be pressed between the fingers for checking whether they have dried completely. If there is even a hint of wetness on the fingers, this means the Brazilian extensions have not dried fully and need some more drying.

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