How To Take Care Of The Indian Hair Extensions At The Nape Of The Neck

When installing Indian hair extensions, special care should be taken when applying them around the neck area since it is disturbed most frequently due to rubbing against collars and pillows. Since the neck also collects a lot of sweat, the Indian hair extensions placed here are in danger of losing their glue or getting tangled. Therefore, Indian hair extensions placed near the nape of the neck need more frequent touch-ups compared to those at other areas. One of the ways of avoiding damage to the Indian hair extensions is by clipping them on near the nape, instead of fusing or weaving them. Clip-on Indian hair extensions can be easily removed, cleaned and re-applied. For this, apply the regular fusion or weave first. Then, you can add the clip-on Indian hair extensions at the nape of the neck, by either clipping them to the braids or twists, or directly to the natural hair. The clip-on should remain well concealed to enhance the effectiveness and aesthetic beauty of the Indian hair extensions. These clip-on Indian hair extensions simplify the maintenance process. Whenever the nape gets dirty, remove the clip-on Indian hair extensions, clean them, tighten up the back braids, and re-apply them. This obviates the necessity of removing the entire weave or fusion just to clean and replace the Indian hair extensions.

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