How To Supplement Natural Hair With Brazilian Hair Extensions For A Long-Haired Style

For any number of reasons, you have cropped short your mane. This could be because of physical problems such as hair shedding, infection, etc., or could be to try a new hair style or a seasonal cut. Now, you wish to revert to long hair. In the normal course of things, this transition would take not less than a year – for short hair to grow to just above the waist. During this growth phase, you need to undertake proper hair care – regular grooming, nourishment and cleansing. This is a long-drawn and tedious process – you either don’t have the scope for it, or don’t have the time for it – you need the long hair instantly.

Cutting hair is the work of a moment compared to growing it back, since normal human hair grows at the rate of about an inch in 2 months. The best option for you to get long hair instantly is by wearing Brazilian hair extensions. If you wish to conceal the fact that you are wearing hair extensions, you can keep adding them a few strands at a time. Each time you apply them, trim the Brazilian hair extensions to just above the size of the natural hair. Wear these hair extensions occasionally and take them off often to allow natural hair space to grow. Continue with these Brazilian hair extensions till you natural hair has grown to the required size.

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