How To Select The Best Human Hair Weave For Your Head

Human hair weaves work best when the hair in them perfectly matches the natural hair and skin color and texture. Hence, when going in for a human hair weave, the best choice is to go in for a weave resembling your existing texture of hair. A perfectly matched texture opens up a larger vista of opportunities for playing with the length, volume and color shades of the human hair weaves. This works with human hair weaves attached using clips, fusion or weaves. However, in case you wish to alter the texture of the human hair weave as compared to that of your natural hair, be sure to go in for a texture which is adjacent to the existing texture. For example, don’t go in for the radical option of blending curly human hair weaves with straight hair; instead, opt for slightly wavy human hair weaves. Use human hair weaves of deep waves with natural hair having loose curls. If you wish to opt for a drastically different texture of human hair weave, then you may have to go in for a full-head human hair weave to completely cover the natural tresses. Partial human hair weaves in such cases will show up in a tiered look, which will seem artificial and unnatural.

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