How To Save Money on Hair Extensions

Hair extensions cost money. Money which you wish to save, but without compromising on your looks. Here are a few suggested measures you can take to reduce your expenses on hair extensions, while at the same time ensuring you get natural and stylish locks. Always opt for human hair, preferably Brazilian hair extensions or Indian hair extensions, for better looks and a longer life. Although the one-time cost may be high, these last longer, saving money on repeat buys. Human hair can also be reused more number of times than synthetic hair. Moreover, Brazilian hair extensions and Indian hair extensions are also available with their cuticles intact.
Since hair-stylists mostly charge by the hour, you can do the preliminary preparation at home before visiting the hair-dresser – shampoo, condition and untangle your natural hair at home and carry your own hair extensions when you next visit your beautician for a hair job. Choose styles such as hair weave or a sew-in, rather than the more expensive full fusion treatment. The simplest way to save money on application of hair extensions is, of course, to apply them yourself, but this may not always be possible.

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