How To Perm Hair Extensions

As we had told in one of our earlier blogs, perming is one of the best ways to get hair extensions matching curly hair and natural Indian remy hair is the best for perming. Here, we give a step by step demonstration on how to perm your hair extension to get the best results. The first step is selecting the right perm solution for the right effect. Different perm solutions have different effects with alkaline solutions being best for tight curls and acid-balanced solutions for softer and fuller curls. Condition the hair extensions with a crème conditioner. Mix and apply the solution in your home perm solution kit to your hair extension. Use gloves while applying it. Wrap the extensions around rollers without stretching it tight. The permanent solution should be rinsed out with warm water. Now, apply the base or neutralizer in the kit to the hair extensions. Wait for a few minutes while the curl takes hold. Remove the rollers and rinse the hair extension in cold water thoroughly, thereby eliminating the base solution completely.
Another option for getting a permed look is, of course, buying a readymade set of hair extensions made of Indian remy hair which are already steam permed. This may mean some extra cost, but you can find hair extensions that match the colour and texture of your natural hair. Moreover, this is a better option for dark coloured hair since the presence of hydrogen peroxide can impart streaks of reddish colour to the hair extensions.

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